Official launch of the 2nd Waste Atlas Report

The World’s 50 Biggest Dumpsites

Waste Atlas Partnership mapped and profiled the world’s 50 biggest active dumpsites in its 2nd annual Waste Atlas Report

Sardinia october 2013

This year’s Waste Atlas report has been dedicated to the mapping of the World’s 50 biggest active dumpsites. Data on important dumpsites were collected and visualized in a unified way, supported by a brief statistical analysis.
The report revealed that the 50 biggest active dumpsites affect the daily lives of 64 million people, a figure similar to the population of France and they are the receptors of 0.6-0.8 km3 of waste, almost 200-300 times the volume of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The report also provides the characteristics of a typical ‘monstrous’ dumpsite:

• with size around 29 big international football fields

• affecting the daily lives of 0.83 million people living within 10 km radius from the site

Sardinia october 2013


The Guardian's Tribute on Waste Atlas' Report

On the 6th of October, Mr. John Vidal, Guardian's environment editor,  published an article and an interactive tribute on the popular Environmental column of Guardians' website (theguardian.com), regarding  Waste Atlas' new report.
Guardian's Tribute on the report measures the importance of waste management problems globally, and highlights the need for global corporation on closing dumpsites. Click here to read the article
The 2nd annual Waste Atlas Report is supported by Waste Atlas partnership, involving D-Waste consultants, the University of Leeds, the International Solid Waste Association, GIZ/SWEEP-Net, the Waste to Energy Research Council (WTERT) and the Solid Waste Network of Asian and Pacific Islands


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